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Natural Skin Care: Why is it so important to understand what's in your skin care products?

In the quest for radiant and healthy skin, the importance of "real" natural skincare cannot be overstated. This is because there is an abundance of skincare now "claiming" to be natural and organic but in many cases, they are filled with chemicals and posing as natural.

So it's becoming increasingly crucial to understand the truth about what's natural and what's not. Plus it's important to know what's necessary and what's just overkill or a waste of money.

So here's what you actually NEED to know 🙂

1. Why to go natural: Natural skincare is very important because your skin absorbs absolutely everything you put on it! So, when you apply anything to your skin, you are effectively ingesting it. If it contains chemicals, you are introducing those chemicals to your body. The problem is that chemicals are not good for you as they have many proven side effects such as disrupting hormone production, stressing your liver and immune system.

2. Not all chemicals are equal: some are safe, others are questionable and then there are the harmful chemicals with some being extremely hazadous. If you want to understand this more please utilise YUKA,, a mobile app that deciphers product labels and analyses the health impact of food products and cosmetics. Scan the barcode, and it will tell you if it's good, bad, or really toxic! This website is also very helpful when looking up a specific chemical: 

3. Generally speaking too many chemicals will make us unwell: so if they make us sick, then it makes sense to use natural products on our skin as well. The short-term benefits that some chemicals create can have long-term health effects; such as imbalancing the pH of the skin, damaging the skin even causing cancer and hormonal disruption. So in my opinion, it's not worth the risk! So, the keys to unlocking radiant skin lies in nature's bounty and the conscious choices we make in caring for our skin.

Here are some products that I recommend.

Lamav: These guys have great products, and I love them! 😊 -  I stock these ;)

Face creams of every type including hyaluronic acid, Makeup, vitamin A, vitamin C serums, etc. 

You can ask me more about which ones are specifically good for you in an appointment as I have testers of each and can test the exact products that you need so you know they are perfect for you!

Sun protection:

Okay, so yes, you do need to protect yourself from the sun especially in AUS and NZ. Too much sun exposure may lead to cancer in some cases. What we definitely know is that it does, for sure, cause premature aging, wrinkles, and age spots. So, if you want young-looking skin, then sunscreen is a must. But not every day if you're not outside. Use it when you know you will be spending more than 10 minutes outside in direct or indirect sunlight (as the rays do bounce around, so it doesn't just have to be direct sun).

Acne: When it comes to acne, less is more!

The more you muck with your skin the more it will HATE you. 

Don't over cleanse - if not wearing makeup up only clean 3x a week (max) with something very light. This one I've found good Botani-Cleanser-Gel-Facial-Purify

Don't exfoliate this just damages and stresses already stressed skin

Wear as little makeup as possible - this lets your skin breathe.

Do use a topical Vitamin A - Go for Lamav for this as above

Do use a topical spot treatment - natural - Thursday Plantation does a good one and a tinted option and these products are surprisingly cheap! 🙂 -  I stock these ;)


REMEMBER not all products are right for you.

This is why I recommend getting me to test these for you in your appointment.

xx Hannah

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