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It took me many years to learn how to become healthy both physically and emotionally. The Great News is it doesn't need to take you as long as it did me! 
Come join me at one of my events and I'll show you how :)

Upcoming Events 

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Monthly Detox Session

Did you know that Body cleansing is not only done on the inside, it's also done from the outside too!!

In these cleansing sessions we use therapeutic clays to draw out toxins from the body though the skin.

Using clay is a quick, simple, effective and safe way to detox.

Pretty cool hay?
Would you like to experience the cleansing benefits of clay in a relaxing homey space where you can slow down and enjoy a cup of herbal cleansing tea?


Look no further as I will be holding our next detox/cleansing session on July 8th, Friday, 2 to 4 pm.
Only costs $70/session.

Just hurry - slots are limited to 5 people only as I want to be able to give you the service and pampering you truly deserve. 

Click the button below to book now!

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Feel to Heal
Group Session

When we don't feel great emotionally life is much harder than it needs to be.  

Suppressed emotions can also cause undesirable health problems, therefore learning how to process and release them is very important to fully heal and to have a good life :)

The great new is I am now leading guided healing sessions -  dubbed as the "Feel to Heal Sessions".

This is happening on the 22nd of June, Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Suite 17, 13 Norval Ct Maroochydore.

Hurry!  Slots are limited

Note: This is only available for my clients. If you aren't a client and are interested please message us and we will contact you when we open to the public. 


Retreats & Speaking

I love educating and inspiring people on how to improve their health naturally. I regularly speak at peoples workshops, retreats and events.


I am also available to come and speak at companies to help improve staff health and wellness.

Please send me a message via my contact form, call or send me a message on 0474728723 to book me.


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