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Join me

Hannah Moore,


In this 8 week journey 

into the 4 levels of your being

This is where you will discover how to

Activate Your Bodies Self-Healing Capacity! 

When we create powerful change on every level of our being – every level experiences a profound transformation.!

You will Learn to:

  • Listen to your Body (Physical)

  • Clear your Emotions (Emotional)

  • Connect to your True-self (Spiritual)

  • and Discover your Natural Healing Ability (Energetic)

With 14 years of clinical experience as a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Kinesiologist

I’ve seen that physical ailments can be completely transformed in the body – BUT NOT if the root cause remains unidentified and unshifted.

Some people will literally try everything and wonder why they see improvement but not a complete resolution of symptoms. In these cases its often energetic and/or emotional blocks that have gone unacknowledged for years that are holding the body stuck in a pattern of dis-ease. 


In this course I teach you my Natural Vitality Formula for Self-Healing.

This will open you up to create the life that you truly want so that you can experience joy, love and deep healing on every level (physical, emotional, spiritual). Unlike traditional naturopathy or standard medicine you will have the ability to become your OWN HEALER.

You will master the skills and knowledge to HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT so you NO LONGER have to reach out for others to FIX you.

In order to Activate Your Body’s Self-Healing Capacity, we will be clearing the recurring feelings and patterns that are keeping you stuck, and stopping you from moving forwards on your life path (this is what is at the base of recurring health problems.)

Are you ready to be free

from the following?

  • Strong emotions, and thoughts that rise up and take over your day or week?

  • Recurring feelings that keep you feeling small, weak, disempowered, stuck?

  • Family triggers that seem to come out of nowhere. SNAP! And you feel like you're 5 years old again?

  • Deep recurring feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, anxiety, grief…

  • Unhealthy habits and cravings that no matter how hard you try you always end up back there again!

  • Feeling like you can't be you, lacking confidence therefore always feeling like you need to hide behind clothes, makeup, being nice or prickly or carrying extra body weight.​

What Rachel had to say

"Mood! Mostly I was feeling lonely/depressed and now I'm mostly happy/excited/hopeful. I wasn't able to be social at all but now I am! I was stuck in a rut of wanting and wishing for my life to be a different way other than it was but now I'm stepping out of the way and just letting things flow and finding things are working out for themselves."

~Rachel. R

This 8 week Healing Journey will give you tools and techniques to heal and address those patterns above and helps address the following as well:

  • Emotional Triggers and Upsets: with family, friends and work colleagues

  • Clear trauma from your childhood and life

  • Overcome problems such as social anxiety, feeling unpopular or unloved

  • Clear trauma and beliefs that have been handed down from your parents and ancestors

  • Clear and Reprogram Emotionally Driven Behaviours that affect your health such as binge eating, the all or nothing approach to health/food.

  • Clear patterns, beliefs and feelings from past lives that are keeping you stuck

  • Clear the deep unconscious beliefs of I'm not important, I'm not good enough, I don't matter, I'm not loved etc

  • Clear the deeply buried emotions of sadness, grief, anger, loss, anguish, disgust that are contributing to your health problems.

You will learn how to utilise:

  • Inner child healing

  • Past life healing

  • Intergenerational trauma clearing

  • Energy healing

  • Kinesiology

  • Healing Meditations

One thing I know from all my healing and trauma recovery is this!

When it comes to emotional healing we cannot do this alone.

This is the reason I run this course is for 10 years I had been sending my clients home with emotional healing homework to do on their own and 95% of the time they wouldn't do it.

The reason for this is we need to be supported to effectively do this work.

As the emotional situation that caused the original emotional injury happened because of a LACK of connection, support and love. Therefore, we HAVE to create an environment that we feel supported, loved, connected and cared for to be able to effectively heal.

This is what this group healing course does: it creates this SAFE ENVIRONMENT for healing.

The other aspect we need to heal is the compassionate presence and support of a healer who's walked the footsteps of self-healing and self-discovery, and who has healed themselves (there aren't many of us out there).


So this is my job. I can hold you in love no matter what you are feeling.

The reason I can do this is I have healed much of my trauma from this life, past lives and inter-generational stuff that comes from our forebearers... This means I have seen and witnessed some pretty intense stuff. It also means I'm not easily phased by other peoples stuff as I know it's all just presenting so it can be healed. That is my job. To hold you in love, so you can heal.

There is massive power in doing this work in a group environment as it amplifies the healing.

A big part of emotional healing is being witnessed in a loving, supportive environment that's not judging you. Through this, we are able to heal.

The group dynamic supercharges your healing capacity and it also supercharges the energy healings and meditations that we do together as a group.

What Jasmyna had to say

"Was so great that I joined. Thank you!!!!!

The benefits of being seen and held in such a supportive environment is a massive benefit.

Also doing this work as a group is so powerful. When we all hear one another's stories I think it really helps us as individuals realise that we all on some level need support and are going through stuff and it is very mind and heart opening.

Thanks Hannah. It's truly powerful work you're doing!

What Karen had to say

"I’ve done lots of treatments to heal my relationship with my family before, and I thought that everything was fine, but it was not. I realised that I was hiding these emotions for my protection because a lot is going on in my life at moment, and the course made me realise that I need to face them in order to heal them, and that it’s safe to feel, it’s safe to cry, it’s okay not to be a superwoman, that I need to respect myself, my body and my emotions, everyone has a past that we need to look at with love. Thank you Hannah "

~ Karen N

Book your FREE Wellness Assessment

This is where you meet with me on Zoom for 30 minutes.

During this assessment I will tune into the messages

from your body and clarify what it's requesting to heal. 

You can discuss your health concerns with me and I will outline

a holistic approach to improving your health. 

If you think you may be interested in working with me.

This is the place to start.

Click on the button to experience my guidance for yourself.

Hannah is an attentive and thorough practitioner. I have found her to be deeply understanding and compassionate. Her kind and passionate approach allows you to feel that she is truly taking care of you.

Mel Rothman

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