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Emotional Coaching

Hannah has a special interest in emotional wellness and healing, this is because she has had first-hand experience of how healing emotional trauma and releasing stored emotions improves one’s quality of life and aids the physical healing process.


What you feel every day affects your energy levels, immune health, digestive health, you're adrenal, thyroid, heart, liver and lung health. 

Most people do not associate emotions with physical health as we tend to think our physical health and emotional health are unrelated but this is not true. Just think about a time in your life when you were really nervous, maybe giving a speech or starting a race or waiting for test results. It's likely you felt a tight ball in your belly, your heart would have been pounding, you may have started to sweat, even felt nauseous or had a sudden need to go to the bathroom. This is the effect that extreme fear/anxiety can have on the body and it's 100% an emotionally triggered response.

Our Pains Become our Gift

Because of the huge pains Hannah has experienced and the massive healing and transformation she has had in her own life, she understands the importance of emotional healing for health and wellbeing. Therefore, Hannah holds keys on how to help others heal emotionally. Note: Hannah is not a counsellor or trained psychotherapist. 

When you have a consult with Hannah she will take you through emotional connection processes and will use emotional release techniques on you in combination with prescribing herbal, nutritional and dietary medicine.


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Hannah is an attentive and thorough practitioner. I have found her to be deeply understanding and compassionate. Her kind and passionate approach allows you to feel that she is truly taking care of you.

Mel Rothman