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Hi and Welcome,

My 15 year journey working as a clinical Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Kinesiologist and doing Emotional healing with Thousands of clients has shown me that in order for us to experience great health and vitality we have to work on the whole of us; Our Physical Body, Our Emotions, and the flow of Vital Life Force Energy that runs through our body.

After thousands of hours working with clients I started to see patterns in how the body heals... and its from this that I developed my Unique Healing Sequence.

You see, in most health conditions, there’s a combination of toxin accumulation, emotional imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, low energy, and hidden pathogens (infections).

So my job is to identify which of these are driving your health concerns and give you the right support that guides you back to feeling healthy and 
 balanced  once again.

My Approach

If you want to learn more I invite you to

book a Free 30 Minute Wellness Assessment

How I work with You

Each persons symptoms are unique to them therefore the medicines you need to get well are individually crafted at each appointment.  


This is the Healing Sequence I will take you through when you work with me.

Step 1: Build up nutritionally starting with minerals, clean up diet, reduce toxin exposure, implement lifestyle and daily habits that encourage good health.

Step 2: Increase energy levels.

Step 3: Address emotional causes to health concerns, learn how to process emotions and connect to your body.

Step 4: Improve Immune function and kill off pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, mould, fungus).

Step 5: Repair gut, skin, adrenal, kidney, liver function + other affected organs.

Step 6: Detox and continue to improve immune function.

Book your FREE Wellness Assessment 

This is where you meet with me on Zoom for 30 minutes.

During this assessment I will connect with you and your health concerns and I will outline a holistic approach to improving your health together.  

If you think you may be interested in working with me, this is the place to start. Please click on the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Naturopathic Wellness Assessment to experience my guidance for yourself. Online Consults Available.

Click on the button to experience my guidance for yourself.

To experience my guidance I invite you to

book a Free 30 Minute ​Wellness Asessment

What it actually takes to heal

When we are unwell we may experience symptoms in one, two or three of these core areas (physical body, emotions and vital life force) at the same time. The more out of balance we are, the longer the list of symptoms.

It's Not Just Physical
Many of us think being healthy is just about the physical (what we eat, exercise etc) but this is just one third of the puzzle. There is still the other two parts missing. So no matter how many pills you take, how much exercise you do, how well you eat; despite your best efforts you still don't fully heal and this can be very frustrating.


Energetic Blocks Create Physical Sickness
We literally feel like there is something blocking our ability to get well. That’s because there is often an invisible block that is caused by congestion in the energetic and emotional systems of our body. These tend to be disregarded, unacknowledged and downplayed. From my experience this is what can hold us back from the results we truly want and deserve.

How I Know This is True
After thousands of hours of clinical experience I began to notice that each person has a certain feeling or vibration emanating from them that's linked to their health problems. As I started to pay attention to this more, I could see that the vibrations I was feeling were these “unseen blocks” and removing these blocks was the key for getting my clients well again. These vibrations literally underlie and contribute to the genesis of the physical sickness in the body.


The Secret Combo for Healing
What I've seen over and over again is that when I combine traditional naturopathic medicines such as the right nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes with the release of emotions and energetic patterns the body will start to heal itself on a whole other level.

This is my Purpose and Passion
I have an unwavering passion for helping people balance their hormones and create vibrant health.

If you feel this resonates and you want to learn more I invite you to book a Free 30 minute Body Translation Appointment.

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