5 Steps to Effectively Clear Mould from your Body

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Now that you’ve confirmed your diagnosis of mould illness, what’s next?

It's time to take action…

The first step is to remove yourself from the trigger or remove the trigger itself – mould. This may mean doing a deep clean of your homes, especially in the places and things where mould has grown. It may entail discarding things and replacing them with new ones (beddings, furniture), tearing up carpets, sealing any leaks, airing or drying out areas where moisture has accumulated, renovating the space, or even moving to a new home.

It is very important to sort the root of the problem (moisture in the house or workspace) before addressing its effects on your body (mould illness) as it is totally useless to undergo management for it but not deal with the cause of the problem -- you will not get better as you're constantly breathing in spores.

Once you’ve sorted out the mould problem, next is to remove the mould from the body with the prescribed treatment plan. This may involve the use of binders to remove the toxins from the body.