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What is Breathwork?

"Breathwork is SOOO much more than just breathing.

Its a Deep Transformational and Healing State that is accessed through the Breath"

At the moment globally breathwork is making a massive impact. It is the medicine of now and it coincides with a time of massive transformation and healing on the planet, as people are waking up big time!

The wellness industry is booming because of this global wake up… as when people wake up to the truth they realise that the old paradigms and standard medical system don't actually do what they say they do. People feel unsupported, like a number and they are realising they are getting damaged both physically and emotionally by synthetic drugs! This is where natural medicine therapies such as yoga, meditation, naturopathy, emotional healing and breathwork come in to take its place.

There are many types of Breathwork eg pranayama from the yogic system which has been around for over 5000 thousand years. The type of breathwork I'm trained in is very different to yogic breathing; it's called holotropic breathwork and was developed in the 1970ies. So what actually happens in a Breathwork session? During a therapeutic breathwork session such as holotropic breathwork your brain experiences a phenomenon called transient hypofrontality. This is where the prefrontal cortex in the brain temporarily shuts down and goes quiet. The prefrontal cortex is the home of the conscious rational brain and when this quietens down it allows the breather to tap into deep layers of subconscious mind and psyche. This is amazing news for someone who's wanting to improve their life and health! As it means it's so much easier for you to cut through the clutter in your brain, the self sabotage, resistance, the trauma, limiting beliefs, negative self talk, old patterns, monkey mind etc. It means you can go beyond all that stuff that stops you achieving the results you desire! When we experience trauma and hard times the trauma and emotions literally get trapped in our body. Breathwork helps release this. Many people have profound cathartic releases that take place during a session. I myself have done at least 8 cathartic releases. Even after 25 years of healing, therapy, emotional clearing etc, there was so much pain, sadness and trauma stored inside of my body. So much of this has all been released through the breath… I believe I would never have released this deeply without the assistance of breathwork. People say that 1 good breathwork session is like 10 years of therapy, and I agree. This is why I now facilitate breathwork sessions for my clients as I've seen the huge impact it's had in my own life. The science Scientifically breathwork creates an altered state of consciousness. During a session the brain shifts from the alpha to the theta brainwave state. This is the active state of hypnosis. This is also the same state that you're in from age 2-6 years old as a child (when you're literally a sponge, absorbing everything from your environment). In the theta state, your imagination is activated, intuition is activated, new ideas and inspirations occur. Massive shifts can occur and you can reprogram your brain. It feels like magic but it's not, it's just opening the inherent healing power that lies within your brain :)

True transformations in life, health, wealth, love, etc occur when you change or reprogram the subconscious mind. Did you know that we are only conscious of about 1-5% of our thoughts!? The rest 95% of our processing, thoughts and behaviours occur in the subconscious mind. The subconscious brain is habit driven and much of it comes from programming and conditioning from our childhood (when we were in that sponge state - 2-6 years old). The problem is the subconscious continues to utilise those old coping strategies and programs that were developed for the child, but now as an adult they are no longer helpful and in many cases, they are the underlying cause of many bad habits that contribute to health problems. This is why breathwork is so profound as you can directly access your subconscious straight away and start to purge out the junk and welcome new programming that suits you now.

The results are different for everyone… but commonly people report these sorts of things…

  • Feeling more alive

  • Attaining more direction and clarity

  • Feeling more positive alive upbeat and excited

  • Liberation from old traumas beliefs, broken relationships

  • Released from deep sadness, grief depression, anxiety

  • Physical ailments start to improve

  • A feeling of calm, peace and a positive empty feeling as the old gunk has been removed

So what's next… Come along and do some breath work with me… Book Here

xx Hannah

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