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Today it's more important than ever to prepare you and your partner for a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

Preconception care occurs for 4-8 months prior to making attempts. It focuses on increasing egg and sperm quality and establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as optimising general health of both partners.  Preconception care may help to reduce the chance of potential complications or risks during pregnancy.


It is important for both partners to prepare their body, not just the woman as it's a 50/50 game and takes both healthy sperm and eggs to conceive.  

The reason preconception care is more important than its ever been is due to the high number of toxins in our food and environment. These get stored in our body and affect egg and sperm quality and they can be passed on to our children affecting their health.

Some examples of toxins are:

  • Heavy metals (cadmium, lead, mercury) obtained from silver fillings, eating fish and seafood. 

  • Chemicals from our fruit and veggies such as pesticides, insecticides.

  • Plastic residues from cooking in Teflon pans, and storing food in plastics.

  • Chemicals from personal care products, and cleaning products.​

One way to reduce this toxic burden and to encourage a healthy pregnancy and baby is to spend a few months detoxing and improving your nutritional status before trying to conceive, this way you will truly give your baby the best start to life.

Pre-Conception Care 

Giving Your Baby the Best Start to Life

"I'm hugely passionate about helping woman live a happy, natural and balanced life".

For many women having a healthy baby is an important step in their life journey but sadly today many woman struggle to get pregnant and or discover later on that their children have health problems, learning disabilities and mood irregularities.


After 14 years of clinical practice it's become clear to me that many of these problems are contributed to if not caused by toxin accumulation within the mother and father.

This is not anyone’s fault, as it's more a symptom of today’s world where $$ rule and the traditions of providing good quality, safe, nutritious food have been forgotten and replaced with quick fast and cheap foods and personal care products that degrade health and fertility. 

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Pre-conception care is a way to reverse this toxic burden and to improve fertility naturally. It clears out the toxins that contribute to hormonal imbalances and health problems and fills up your cells with nutrients so that when the eggs and sperm are created they are healthy and strong. It's a simple fact that healthy, strong eggs and sperm create, healthy, strong babies!


Steps of Preconception Care

For woman: the first step is to get off hormonal contraception and detox synthetic hormones

For Both Men and Woman:

  • Improve liver health through supplementation, liver herbs and detoxing

  • Improve energy levels through addressing adrenal and thyroid function

  • Remove chemicals and heavy metals and replace with essential minerals and vitamins

  • Support natural hormonal health through a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle

So if your ready to take the next step please scroll down to look at the preconception program that I offer.  Please also feel welcome to contact me for more information or click here  to book a Free 30 minute Body Translation Appointment where we can discuss your situation and options. 

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The Hormone Free Way  

Naturally Balanced Hormones and Improved Fertility

Fertility is a 50:50 Game. Therefore this program teaches both woman and men how to improve their fertility naturally.

Women you will learn how to:

+ Understand your natural body signs. 

+ Know when you are fertile and when you're not. 

+ Avoid the negative effects of using hormones.

Both Women and Men will learn:

+ To create pregnancy naturally

+ When to make attempts and when to obtain for best conception results

+ What to eat to improve fertility, mood and hormone balance
+ Know how to avoid the use of synthetic drugs

+ You will also both be guided though liver detoxification and hormone balancing

What's Included in the Program 
  • 6 1:1 consults: This is where I will tune into what you body needs and prescribe the things your body is specifically needing, vitamins, herbs, diet, lifestyle etc.
    Heal your body with food: My foundational course on food and nutrition that includes, recipes and dietary advise.

  • Healthy Hormones Naturally: My Naturopathic course on how to balance your hormones naturally

  • 6 Body Translation Master classes: These are where we talk about how to process emotions 

  • 1:1 Emotional Coaching: This is included in your consults with me

  • Lifestyle Advise and Guidelines for everything you need to know for fertility

  • Nutritional boosting and Hormonal Detox Support: This happens in your 1:1 consults 


A common Question I get is why do I need 6 Months Support?  


  • It takes time to get to a place of imbalance and therefore it also takes time to correct imbalances.

  • You need this time to learn how to eat in a simple and healthy way that promotes naturally balanced hormones.

  • It takes 4 months to produce new eggs and sperm so we need a minimum of 6 months to improve egg and sperm quality.

  • For woman coming off hormonal contraception need to teach you about all the fluctuations that occur in a normal cycle.

  • I also need to teach women how to monitor and track their cycle and how to read their fertility symptoms.

  • So as you can see we need time as there is lots to do. My job is to guide you though this process in a way that's easy for you to do. 

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Book your FREE Wellness Assessment

This is where you meet with me on Zoom for 30 minutes. During this assessment I will connect in with you and your health concerns and I will outline a holistic approach to improving your health together.  


If you think you may be interested in working with me, this is the place to start.

Please click on the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Naturopathic Wellness Assessment to experience my guidance for yourself. Online Consults Available.

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