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Do you feel frustrated with your hormones? 
Know there’s a problem but not exactly sure what to do about it or tried lots of things but nothing seems to work!!
If so, you are in the right place as hormone balance is my specialty! 

I love helping woman like you sort out their hormonal issues, so that they feel, energised, happy, and back to themselves again!

These hormonal related things I help woman like you with:

  • Painful heavy periods or very light periods

  • Irregular cycles

  • Diagnosed hormonal conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids etc

  • Menopause; hot flushes, poor sleep etc

  • Learning what to eat to balance hormones and weight naturally

  • Hormonal acne

  • PMS: painful breasts, sugar cravings and moodiness

How Hormonal Balancing Works?

Hormonal balance occurs when we support the whole body. The truth is not as simple as just taking a magic pill and everything will be okay. This is because the hormonal system is delicately balanced and it's affected by many aspects such as:

  • Toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and metabolic wastes

  • Stress, blood sugars, adrenal and thyroid function

  • Liver, digestive and kidney health

  • Emotional trauma and trapped emotions

  • Past exposure to synthetic hormones

  • Diet and Lifestyle

  • Hidden infections and pathogens

What we have to do is clear the toxins from your body, strengthen your adrenals, thyroid, digestive, pancreatic and liver function. This all takes time.

We also have to improve diet, reduce stress and in some cases clear trapped emotions from the body. These are all very important aspects as it is these three things which have the strongest effect on your ongoing hormonal regulation.

So, are you over feeling blah, being in pain and feeling grumpy?

Book Your Free Wellness Assessment

This is where you meet with me on Zoom for 30 minutes. During this assessment I will connect in with you and your health concerns and I will outline a holistic approach to improving your health together.  

If you think you may be interested in working with me, this is the place to start.

Please click on the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Naturopathic Wellness Assessment to experience my guidance for yourself. Online Consults Available.


Highly recommend. Hannah is a wonderfully gifted naturopath. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge in her field and beyond, she is very caring and so easy to talk to. My kids and I have absolutely loved getting to know Hannah. We look forward to continuing our health journey with her and have total confidence we are in good hands with any health challenges (big or small) that may arise.

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