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Naturopath For Mould Issues

Are you sick of being sick?
Been to every doctor and specialist out there only to be told everything is fine? Given painkillers or antidepressants, yet your symptoms are still getting worse!?


Could Mould Be Causing Your Illness?
If this is you … it may be a mould Illness.
Before I explain, take a look at the list of symptoms below.

If you regularly experience more than 10 of these then keep reading,  as mould may be the cause of all your weird symptoms.

How many of these symptoms seem familiar to you?
Overwhelming fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, poor memory, dizziness or lightheadedness, hormone or fertility problems, mood problems, unexplained weight gain, gut problems, frequent colds and infections, headaches, unexplained muscle and joint pain and or tingling, cough or asthma like symptoms …

If you got less than ten, then it's possibly not mould or you're in the early days of mould and we would need to assess you more thoroughly to give a more accurate answer to what you're dealing with.

Do you have ten or more of those symptoms?  Yes!
Then it’s high time you learn about mould illness or CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome).

Either way,  book a free 30 min Wellness Assessment so you can have a chat with me about what to do.


Understanding Mould Illness/CIRS

The first thing to understand is, Mould Illness is NOT a mould allergy, it's different - although you may experience allergy-like symptoms when in contact with mould. I explain below.


People who are susceptible to getting Mould illness or CIRS have genetic variations called (snps) that allow for this condition to develop. 1 in 4 people have these genetic weaknesses. 


The difference between a mould allergy and mould illness or CIRS is to do with which part of the immune system is active;  In a Mould allergy: it is the mast cells that react causing the typical allergic symptoms; of red swollen eyes, watery discharge, sneezing and itchy skin, nose or hives.

  • It’s usually short lived and has a sudden onset after exposure to mould.

  • Occasionally a Mould allergy will occur with CIRS but this is less common.


In Mould Illness or CIRS: the immune system is not working properly.

  • It fails to produce antibodies to mould (Antibodies are the immune system's memory).

  • Instead of producing antibodies an ongoing release of cytokines is produced.

  • This dysfunction is due to genetic problems.

Normally the cytokines' job is to communicate with each other and trigger inflammation for healing and then they are shut off. But in CIRS they don’t get shut off. Instead they stay active for long periods. This causes a huge amount of inflammation. It's like a war constantly going on inside your body, and lots of damage can occur.

Mould illness has a slow onset that slowly gets worse over time. It is a long term, debilitating condition that affects multiple organs and systems of the body. This is why when someone has CIRS they often have a strange mixture of symptoms, that from the untrained eye look like multiple illnesses happening at once. But in truth it's mould that's causing them all!

My Experience of Mould:
Mould  illness is a problem I personally know well as I have this problem myself, so I have first hand knowledge of how to deal with this problem and how to get well again. The great news is you can recover from mould. I've done it and so can you. I am a CIRS naturopath that has dealt with my own mould illnesses in the past.



Are you over feeling exhausted and sick?

Are you ready to embark on a new health journey that will empower you, give you real answers and effective solutions?

Wouldn't it be great if just like I did when I healed from mould illness…

You were to wake up one day feeling a little bit better

Then 3 months later before you know it your back on track, back to feeling like you did before you got sick from mould!!​

  • No more debilitating fatigue 

  • No more crazy list of symptoms 

  • No more brain fog and forgetfulness

  • No more guessing and chasing illusive digestive symptoms, or wondering if you are taking the right supplements, herbs or medications.
    How great would that be?

When you work with me you will learn: 

  • How to live a healthy life even if you have genetic weaknesses that makes you susceptible to mould

  • How to eat in a way that suits your body and keeps inflammation low

  • How to properly clear mould out of your body and how to keep it out!

  • How to get your body to heal the damage caused by mould

  • I will also test your body with kinesiology for the right foods, herbs and supplements that are best suited to your body to aid this healing process.

Right oh,
If you have read this far it's highly likely that what I've said resonates. So, if you're over being sick BOOK a Free Wellness Assessment  with me by clicking the button below.    
Talk soon 
Hannah x

Book Your Free Body Translation Appointment

This is where you meet with me online, or in person at my naturopath clinic in Maroochydore for 30 minutes. During this assessment, I will connect with you and your health concerns and I will outline a holistic approach to improving your health together. 

If you think you may be interested in working with me, this is the place to start. Please click on the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Naturopathic Body Translation Appointment to experience my guidance for yourself. Online Consults Available.

“Hannah has helped me so much with my health issues! An ongoing uncomfortable stomach, tiredness etc. After a few appointments I am back to my healthy self and feeling so much better. I can't believe the amazing support that Hannah can provide. I have also learnt a lot along the way. " 


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