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Breathwork Sessions / Workshops


Do you feel stuck in your life or health?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself?

Do you have a feeling that there's more to life than your current reality but not quite sure how to find it?

Do you find yourself wanting to make positive changes in your life but somehow always end up back in your old patterns and ways??

These are some of the areas that breathwork may be able to help transform for you!


Breathwork sessions are amazing at helping us unlock our bodies' innate but usually hidden healing capacity.  
The thing is your body actually knows how to heal itself.

All you need to do is learn how to tap into this.

This is what I teach in my health and wellness programs. I also use breathwork sessions to facilitate this healing journey. It's amazing the things that people discover in a breathwork session.

Breathwork Sunshine Coast


for a 1 on 1 session (2 hours)

Booking Available Mondays and Wednesdays

9am-1pm (finishing 3pm)

Message us if you can't find a time in the calendar 

More about Breathwork

Breathwork is an ancient technique that's been documented being used to connect to self, inner-healing, god/source/higher-self for over 5000 years! It's a 100 % naturally induced state, which is created when we breathe in a specific pattern for a specific amount of time. 

There are many types of Breathwork e.g. pranayama from the yogic system. The type of breathwork I'm trained in is very different to yogic breathing; it's called holotropic breathwork and was developed in the 1970ies.

During a therapeutic breathwork session your brain experiences a phenomenon called transient hypofrontality. This is where the prefrontal cortex in the brain temporarily shuts down and goes quiet. The prefrontal cortex is the home of the conscious rational brain (the one that never shuts up)... and when this quietens down it allows the breather to tap into deep layers of subconscious mind and psyche.

This is amazing news for someone who's wanting to improve their life and health!

As it means it's so much easier for you to cut through the clutter in your brain, the self sabotage, resistance, the trauma, limiting beliefs, negative self talk, old patterns, monkey mind etc. It means you can go beyond all that stuff that stops you achieving the results you desire!

When we experience trauma and hard times... the trauma and emotions literally gets trapped in our body. Breathwork helps release this. Many people have profound emotional releases and spiritual experiences or visions that take place during a session.
People say that 1 good breathwork session is like 10 years of therapy, and I agree. This is why I now facilitate breathwork sessions for my clients as I've seen the huge positive impact it's had in my own life.

The science of Breathwork

During a session the brain shifts from the alpha to the theta brainwave state. This is the active state of hypnosis. This is also the same state that you're in from age 2-6 years old as a child (when you're literally a sponge, absorbing everything from your environment).

In the theta state your imagination and intuition is activated, new ideas and inspirations occur. Massive shifts can occur and you can start to reprogram your brain. It feels like magic but it's not, it's just opening the inherent healing power that lies within your body and brain :)

True transformations in life, health, wealth, love etc can start to occur when you change or reprogram the subconscious mind. 

The subconscious brain is habit driven. Much of it comes from programming and conditioning from our childhood (when we were in that sponge state - 2-6 years old). The problem is the subconscious continues to utilise the old coping strategies and programs that were developed for the child you... but now as an adult they are no longer helpful. In fact in many cases these old ways of being are the underlying cause of your unhelpful habits and these can contribute to health problems. This is why breathwork is so profound as you can directly access your subconscious straight away and start to purge out the junk and welcome new programming that suits you now.

The results are different for everyone… but commonly people report these sorts of things…

  • Feeling more alive

  • Attaining more direction and clarity 

  • Feeling more positive alive upbeat and excited 

  • Liberation from old traumas beliefs, broken relationships, trauma

  • Released from deep sadness, grief, depression, anxiety

  • Physical ailments start to improve 



So what's next…
Come and breath with me...


for a 1 on 1 session (2 hours)

Booking Available Mondays and Wednesdays

9am-1pm (finishing 3pm)

Message us if you can't find a time in the calendar 

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