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3 Tips for Natural Hormone Balance

Updated: Feb 19

To have healthy balanced hormones there are a few key points to understand.

1st it's all about diet

2nd comes liver health

3rd are chemicals

The KEY point here is Diet First. Liver health and chemicals are the other two main players that disrupt hormonal balance. Essentially we need to have a clean out to balance our hormones naturally. Read on for The 3 BEST Tips for Natural Hormone Balance...

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1. Improve Your Diet

First let’s get this clear eating for hormonal balance is a way of eating, it's NOT a diet. Diets DO NOT work; in fact, they only make things worse by further creating hormonal dysregulation and psychological issues around food. Many people I see, no longer trust their bodies or their ability to eat well, or be a healthy weight due to a combo of years of unsuccessful dieting, following diet fads and way too much “Dr Google”.

Please KNOW THIS: Just because a fad diet works for Sally it doesn’t mean it will work for you. This is because we all have different body types, metabolic types, nutritional requirements and deficiencies. There is no such thing as a one size fits all fad diet even though the creators of them claim that they are a “one stop fix all shop”. Fad diets are usually extreme and focus on one aspect of metabolism and if you do the wrong one you really can cause more harm than good. This is why I always start with the basics which is eating a whole foods diet. Once doing this for a few months you can then start tweaking it.

Another thing I often see is people taking supplements, hoping this will make up for a bed diet, This does NOT work! The first step is to clean up your diet. Supplements are only meant to be used to “supplement” a healthy, balanced diet.

So, eating a wholefood diet is your best option here. Eating a wholefoods diet is about enjoying plenty of fresh foods from nature. You simply change your food choices to foods that are natural and unprocessed and you cook and prepare them in a way that keeps them clean (without adding additives), bad fats (rice bran, canola, vegetable oils), or destroying their nutrients such as frying on high heat and using microwaves. This way of eating is what supports long-term hormonal balance.

2. Boost Liver Health

Your liver is your main detoxifying organ therefore the health of your liver directly dictates your overall health. When it starts to get burdened hormonal imbalances occur. This is why I always say “when you have a hormonal problem, you have a liver problem”. So, you have to start addressing liver health to improve your hormonal health.

The way to support liver health is to do the other four tips in this article well. Eat a healthy balanced diet, avoid chemicals, toxins and synthetic hormones and when that’s in place start to take some supplements. You can also read more on supporting liver health by down going to my liver health page and down loading the eBook on liver health and coffee enemas.

3. Quit Chemicals, Xenoestrogens and Pollution

Chemicals, Xenoestrogens and pollutions + Heavy metals are what naturopaths collectively refer to as TOXINS they have no benefit to health and encourage poor health.

Xenoestrogens are a group of chemicals that disrupt hormonal function in animals and humans they specifically have estrogen-like effects in the body increasing the total amount of estrogen resulting in a phenomenon called, estrogen dominance. They along with all of the above-mentioned toxins build-up in our bodies impacting the liver and disrupting hormonal health. The simplest way to think of xenoestrogens is they are man mad chemicals.

The way to reduce chemicals is you want to go natural with everything you eat, touch, and breath. This includes Personal care products such as; face creams, toothpastes, body lotions, soaps, and shampoos. All pharmaceutical medications and synthetic hormones. Cleaning and gardening products such as; pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, fly sprays, toilet cleaner, washing powder etc. Get rid of cookware and food storage products made from; Teflon, cling film, aluminium pans and tinfoil. My last tip is to get a good water filter that removes heavy metals and chemicals, not just a carbon filter these only remove chlorine and odours.

Those are The Best 3 Tips for Natural Hormonal Balance and should have you well on your way to creating naturally balanced hormones. However, if you would like some assistance I offer a hand crafted one on one, on-line training program that’s designed to get you off synthetic hormones, and to aid in balancing your mood and hormones and assisting fertility naturally.

Please click here to be directed to this program or feel free to get in contact with me though my website for more information.

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