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The "True Facts" of Weight Loss

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

I'm just going to jump right on into this one as there's so much BS out there about what's the newest weight loss diet, machine, supplement etc. The Truths for weight loss are these:

  • If you eat too much you put on weight.

  • If you don't exercise you put on weight.

  • If you eat bad foods (junk foods, high in fat and sugar) you put on weight.

You simply cannot loose a significant amount weight by JUST dieting, nor by JUST exercising. You have to do both together.

Before we can get into diets and exercise there's another thing you need to understand about weight and it's that diets do not work. They've actually been proven over and over again to be worse for longterm weight management!

When it comes to weight we want to loose weight slowly and keep it off forever! Not loose it super quick, then get even more back in a years time :( The reason this extra weight packs on is when you diet and starve yourself, your metabolism drops and often it doesn't pick back up. So when you go back to eating a "normal" diet you put weight on faster than you would have. Not Good, we obviously want to prevent this as much as possible. This is why slow weight loss is key. This doesn't affect your metabolism and your body adjusts to the way of eating and exercising in a gentle, balanced, permanent manner. There are two other factors that you may not of heard of when it comes to successful weight loss these are:

  • Environmental toxins: pollution, chemicals, pesticides (xeno-estrogens), heavy metals etc

  • Emotional barriers to loosing weight - covering feelings with food.

In many these 2 additional factors can make loosing weight harder so may need to be addressed too. Enough on the facts here's the how.. When someone comes to me for weight loss I explain that there are steps to loosing weight they have to be followed in order to loose weight and keep it off. These are: STEP 1 - do this for 4-8 weeks The idea is that this is not a diet, it's training you to eat in healthy way that easily becomes a way of life one that you will continue forever, as it will just become natural, feel good and will be easy to do.

  • Clean up your diet: no-very little processed foods, sugar, take aways etc

  • Eat protein at every meal

  • Lost of fresh veggies

  • Exercise 4 times per week

  • Address emotional resistance to exercise and eating healthily

  • Hydration with clean water

STEP 2 - do this for 4-8 weeks This is the diet part and is only to be done for a short period - not forever.

  • Start intermittent fasting - skipping dinner not breakfast

  • Use protein shakes as meal replacements

  • Detox the liver and gut

  • Increase the intensity of exercise

STEP 3 - do this for 4-8 weeks This part is not for everyone just for those who's bodies need a metabolic reset.

  • You might have hit a plateau by now and it might be time to choose to eat a ketogenic diet or a low fat diet

  • Increase exercise

Note: this is a rough plan and I don't recommend you try doing this alone. Loosing weight is an emotional journey and you will need support. I work with my clients to provide the emotional coaching, nutrients, herbs, eating and detox plans to help them loose weight. Hormones, thyroid function, adrenal function and toxicity has to also be addressed in many, as these impede the bodies ability to loose weight. Summary: I'm sorry about the tough love but I'm not here to pretend, I'm here to help and to help sometimes we just have to say it how it is. Lets bust those bubbles: "One size does not fit all" "There is no silver bullet" Keys: Eat well, Exercise Regularly, Detox, Address emotions I am a naturopath who specialises in diet and weight loss. If you have a weight problem and you want to sort it out please feel welcome to contact me I'd love to help you. xx Hannah

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