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How to instantly make your food taste better and be healthier at the same time.

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Use herbs. Yip, it is that simple! Good nutrition, healthy food and good flavor really DO go together when you start using herbs in your cooking.

Herbs are also packed full of nutrients and aromatic oils, which benefit your health for example:

Parsley is high in vitamin C and Iron

Basil is high in Vitamin K and A

Rosemary is high in Vitamin C, A and Iron

You don't need a garden: I have herbs growing in pots on my windowsill, and in planter boxes out on my deck. They are hardy little guys, are easy to grow and they add to a room's ambience.

Here are a few tips to get you using herbs in your food:

  • Add fresh herbs to salads – your salads will instantly taste more interesting!

  • Make herb pesto’s: you can use any herb or herbs in combination. Pesto is NOT just for basil! Just take a pesto recipe and add other herbs of your choice.

  • Add herbs to meats classics are thyme with chicken, fennel with pork, rosemary with lamb, coriander with fish but honestly most herbs go with most meats.

  • When cooking scrambled eggs add in herbs: good ones are chili, chives, and basil.

  • Add mint to your smoothies – this gives a fresh kick to your morning!

I am a naturopath that specialises in nutrition and enjoy helping people enjoy their food more. Contact me to book an appointment.

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