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How Healing Myself Inspired Me To Help Others

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

How did I become a Specialist in Women's Health and Hormones ?

It was all my negative experiences as a young one (childhood sexual abuse, bullying and abusive relationships and self-abuse as a teen) that veered me in this direction...

My journey of becoming a women's health and hormones specialist was a very interesting journey for me. A journey of self-healing, self-discovery, and then the realisation that I can make a positive impact in other people’s lives from all the things I learned along the way.

As a consequence of all the stress caused from the abuse I suffered disabling digestive problems, immune issues and major mood and hormonal problems. There was no joy - only sadness and a desperate need for love that sent me looking for it in ALL the wrong places.

But THANK GOD eventually, I figured out that … Nobody can heal me but MYSELF!!

I realised it had to start with me. I couldn't go on blaming others and being a victim for all my problems any longer. It was around this time that I had a vision, there was a light that shone down from above, and a voice that said go home, study herbal medicine! At the time I was living in Japan. So this was my first step, I went home to New Zealand and enrolled in Naturopathy. I was 23 and finally my life was on track!

I learned a lot, in fact, during my first year of study I was able to calm my digestive problems using culinary herbs and spices. Heres the recipe: Calming Digestive Tea 1 tsp of cumin seeds 1 tsp fennle seeds 1 tsp caraway seeds Grind with a mortar in pestle Add to a cup and make a tea with boiling water. Cover the cup with a lid for 10 mins then sip slowly and relax. No more hospital visits or morphine for me!!! :) Not only did I learn how to manage it; I also found the cause! The uncontrollable spasms in my gut were my body’s response to stress. It was my body's way of saying Hannah you need to heal you can't go on like this any more. It was literally screaming at me - to go deeper, learn to feel, and heal my trauma. After my studies were finished, I knew that I wanted to help others. However, before I could really help others heal, I still needed to fully heal myself. Physical healing was not enough.

You see as human beings, we have different aspects - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual -- the body, the heart, the soul.

These are all interconnected and if one is broken, the other aspects are affected.

I needed to heal the WHOLE of me.

I sought out many ways aside from naturopathy (herbal medicine, nutritional medicine) to ease my suffering and reduce stress. Learning to feel my emotions and spiritual healing were a massive part of my healing process. Meditation, dance and psychotherapy also played a significant role. It took 9 years for me to heal (this included 3 years of full time study and 2 Advanced diplomas). It cost thousands of dollars but I didn't think about the money too much. While everyone else was building careers and buying houses I was healing. It's all I cared about! In truth, at the time I didn't even really realise this was what I was doing. In my mind I was just looking for things to take the pain away and the side benefit of that was in time I was able to be fully healed!

And one day, something inside me shifted. I woke up feeling calm and at peace for the first time that I could remember. All my worries, sadness, anxiety, pain, and turmoil had vanished.

At the same time, everything that I learned at naturopathy college all started to come together and I was finally truely ready to help others.

PHEW, what a journey!!

It was ALL gone! 28 years of daily pain and suffering were over.

I felt peace. I felt joy for the first time in my life!

I was finally able to follow my calling from all those years ago. From New Zealand, I moved to Australia.

I had no family here, no friends, no job - just a gut feel and trusting my instincts that something better was out there for me...

Plus the desire to help others as strong as ever.

I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives. I wanted to assist others in taking the natural path to health and wellness like I had.

I started out working with fellow practitioners in the natural fertility field, which paved the way for more learning.

Eventually, I ventured out on my own - establishing my own clinic focusing on women's hormone health. I choose this speciality due to my personal battle with hormone imbalances and mood in the past. Knowing it's how we feel each day that makes our life either great or terrible and when hormones are out of balance they really do impact a women's ability to live a great life. Armed with the knowledge I needed and the desire to help others, slowly my clinic grew - through word of mouth and the awesome feedback from my clients.

Giving value to others definitely comes back to you tenfold!

Just like the Great Law of Karma states: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

What started out as a self-healing journey became a lifelong mission to educate people on how to live well naturally and to help women balance their hormones naturally. And it's with this passion I continue to help others reduce their unnecessary suffering.

This is just the beginning.

And I intend to stay on this course for a long time yet 🙂.

Here's more about long-term effects of healing yourself and how this helps.



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