How Healing Myself Inspired Me To Help Others

Updated: Mar 29

How did I become a Specialist in Women's Health and Hormones ?

It was all my negative experiences as a young one (childhood sexual abuse, bullying and abusive relationships and self-abuse as a teen) that veered me in this direction...

My journey of becoming a women's health and hormones specialist was a very interesting journey for me. A journey of self-healing, self-discovery, and then the realisation that I can make a positive impact in other people’s lives from all the things I learned along the way.

As a consequence of all the stress caused from the abuse I suffered disabling digestive problems, immune issues and major mood and hormonal problems. There was no joy - only sadness and a desperate need for love that sent me looking for it in ALL the wrong places.

But THANK GOD eventually, I figured out that … Nobody can heal me but MYSELF!!

I realised it had to start with me. I couldn't go on blaming others and being a victim for all my problems any longer. It was around this time that I had a vision, there was a light that shone down from above, and a voice that said go home, study herbal medicine! At the time I was living in Japan. So this was my first step, I went home to New Zealand and enrolled in Naturopathy. I was 23 and finally my life was on track!

I learned a lot, in fact, during my first year of study I was able to calm my digestive problems using culinary herbs and spices. Heres the recipe: Calming Digestive Tea 1 tsp of cumin seeds 1 tsp fennle seeds 1 tsp caraway seeds Grind with