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Feeling drained? The cause might be deeper than what you think...

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Have you been feeling drained and worn out lately?

Seems like you don't have the energy to do things anymore?

You might want to look deeper. What is the reason for this feeling?

The thing is that what fuels your spirit fuels your body and vice versa.

So whatever burden or baggage that we have emotionally/spiritually makes our physical body burdened too. As we all know a healthy mind = healthy body but it also goes with a healthy mind + healthy emotions/soul = healthy body and healthy you. So if you feel that you needed to let go of a belief system, a way of being in the world, something or someone for your own peace of mind and for your own happiness then do it! It is not so selfish that you are letting it go because you aren't happy anymore. If it's a person, a job, it is actually good for them too because you are not giving them false hope. Be honest to yourself, to everybody around you about what you feel. It is draining for your spirit and body to do things for others just to make them happy. Or to do things because that's what society tells you to do. Ask yourself if it is really what you want and what makes you happy and if this is what you stand for. Pretending, lying, unconsciously deceiving ourselves and therefore others often underlie fatigue! Time to dig deep, hunny.

Let go of what drains your spirit... Let yourself be free from unnecessary burdens.

xx Hannah

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