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How Carbohydrates Affect Your Mood

You can by regulating your carbohydrate intake.

Eating the right foods or wrong foods for that matter really does have a massive impact on how you feel each day.

Have noticed that your emotions fluctuate up and down with your energy levels? If not start paying attention to this link and see what you notice.

The reason this happens is due to blood sugar levels. The amount of glucose thats in your blood at any given time.

When you eat a meal thats high in carbohydrates (grains, potatoes, fruits) they are broken down into simple sugars and absorbed into the blood stream. This causes a spike of sugar into the blood and is what gives you a short sugar high, however shortly after it's usually followed by a sugar low and this results in low energy and a grumpy, irritable mood. The more processed/refined a carbohydrate is the quicker this happens. The quick high, followed by a quick low happens due to the hormone insulin attaching to the sugar molecules and taking them into the cells for safe storage (AKA fat storage). When this happens theres often not enough sugar left in the blood stream which is what causes the "sugar low".

The keys to balancing this process are:

  • Avoid eating large amounts of carbohydrate rich foods at one time

  • Only eat one carbohydrate rich food at a time

  • Combine carbohydrate rich foods with protein rich foods (meats, nuts legumes)

  • Have some good quality fat with each meal (olive oil, butter)

  • Ensure you have some fibre rich foods with each meal (veggies)

  • Do exercise straight after eating carbohydrate rich meals as this will use the glucose to fuel your muscles and not be stored as fat.

Eliminate or significantly reduce these highly processed carbs (sugars): Cane sugar (all types), corn syrup, sweets, confectionary, desserts, juices, biscuits, soft drinks cakes etc as these contain high levels of simple sugars and are detrimental blood sugar level and mood. If after reading this you feel you would like some extra help balancing your moods and blood sugars, I'm here to help. Please feel welcome to contact me to arrange an appointment. XX Hannah

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