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How To Improve Your Energy In 1 Easy Step

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Have you observed some children going bonkers after eating lollies? They become hyperactive and then a few hours later, get cranky, irritable, and tired. That’s the classic sugar HIGH and sugar CRASH.

But did you know this also happens to us big kids too!!

Just to clarify when I say sugar, I mean processed sugars. Ok say you have a donut or muffin for breakfast, the sugar will give you a burst of energy but after a few hours or even minutes, you'll likely feel sluggish, tired, and sleepy. You may even get a headache or feel nauseated. After that, you'll start to feel hungry again possibly reaching for a bar of chocolate ... and the cycle continues - this can go on day after day.

Therefore, the fastest and easiest way to improve your energy is to quit sugar. Other than just giving you highs and low in your energy levels. Refined sugar consumption also contributes to metabolic problems: weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, and heart disease!

After the HIGH comes the CRASH heres Why

Insulin is released when the sugar you've eaten enter your blood stream. Your body knows that high levels of sugar is dangerous, so it produces lots of insulin to remove the sugar and this causes the CRASH.

So, insulins number 1 job is to remove sugar for your blood putting it into your cells. Either to be used for energy in that moment or it will be packaged up as stored energy (FAT) for later use. Yip, this is a common reason why most populations world wide are just getting fatter and fatter!

Once the energy has been stored as fat or shuffled into the cells and used for energy. This is when the CRASH hits, leaving you feeling tired, sluggish, and shaky.

From here this sudden drop in blood sugar will often trigger the release of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline). These hormones trigger the release of stored sugar to top up sugar levels again and then this whole process starts again!!!!

Over time this can contribute to what naturopaths have coined "ADRENAL FATIGUE" where your adrenals no longer produce the right amount of cortisol needed by the body to function well. This will leave you feeling tired and exhausted, all the time, no matter what you eat or how much rest you get. NOT a good place to get to.

So you can see this is a vicious cycle that we need to break and reverse.

The first step is to improving your energy and health and vitality is to get off refined and processed sugars.

Are you up for the challenge?

Watch the video below to learn how to improve blood sugars and what foods to eat?



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