Learning to listen to our bodies

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

A lot of us forget that our bodies actually communicate our health needs to us through our energy levels. So being able to make important adjustments at the right time can be crucial to preventing symptoms from escalating.

I’m a naturopath based on the Sunshine Coast and I’m passionate about supporting people to enjoy the high energy levels they need to live their lives to the fullest. I’ve noticed how much a certain level of fatigue can become acceptable in our lives; I care a lot about supporting others to take the small actions that will bring big changes in energy levels. Here are 7 powerful steps that you can take to really elevate your energy levels so you can really rise to meet the requirements of your day.

Step 1.) More water lifts your energy Did you know that your level of hydration can affect your energy levels? When dehydration occurs the blood becomes more viscous, this results in it not being able to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells. So increasing your water in-take will have your blood flowing and moving faster supporting you to feel more energised.

Step 2.) Enjoy a little more ‘living food’ to find more energy Our bodies make our energy based on the food we consume daily. Finding fun and delicious ways to add a little more ‘living foods’ will offer your whole system what it needs to give you more energy.

Step 3.) More ‘down time’ is crucial to find more energy Stress is a major contributor to low energy levels so when we are fatigued we need take it gently and have regular periods of down time. If we take breaks and look after ourselves our adrenal glands will be able to recover and our energy will start to improve. Dealing with stress and anxiety is a major way to improve health in today's fast modern environment.

Step 4.) Sleep more to have more energy Sleep is when our body repairs, rejuvenates and heals, so if you are feeling tired, listen to your body, go to bed early so you can rest more and allow sleep to work its magic.