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Are you a prostitute?

Yikes! Are you ready to take a good look at yourself?

If you are then read on…

Are you a Child?

A Victim?

or a Saboteur?

Which one is running your life right now? The reason I ask this is because if you are struggling in any area of your life right now, one of these four key archetypes will be playing out. All humans on this earth have these present no one is exempt.

When we master these archetypes, life becomes 10X easier. We can stop playing them out, we become empowered, and we become more successful. Note: They never fully go away but what happens is we learn to recognize them, learn skills to overcome them, and therefore master them. The Child shows up as needy, wanting someone else to rescue them, take care of them, do the work for them, etc.

The Saboteur shows up as self-sabotage around goals, health, wealth, etc. You have great ideas but don’t follow through.

The Victim shows up as not taking responsibility for where you are, it’s always someone else’s fault, that you’re sick, poor, lonely, etc.

The Prostitute shows up as selling your beliefs, personal power, humanity, freedom in order to get or to keep something… When you start looking at the world through archetypes, you can literally see how these four are playing out at the moment with everything that’s going on. Can you see it…? Caroline Myss, one of my favorite spiritual and empowerment teachers says this. "When we fail to master these 4 archetypes, we will always cave under fear and sell our soul for the illusion of perceived safety." We will literally relinquish the power of our life into the hands of others because:

  1. We want to be taken care of.

  2. We fear the consequence of making a choice that would empower us as this would disturb the perceived safe world, we have created around ourselves (this is an illusion).

As a result, we don’t listen to our soul or intuition/heart! We literally ignore our soul’s truth and live our life from our head. This is when fear will always win.

When we live our life from our head, we will never fulfill our life’s purpose. As we are living a life that’s constantly about avoiding fear, keeping feeling comfortable and safe. We aren’t willing to step out of the comfort of our perfectly constructed psychological (SAFE) nest into the SCARY unknown.

Because we aren’t willing to feel uncomfortable, we are not BRAVE enough to say NO, to set boundaries, to be empowered to face our own self-sabotage, lose your job for what you believe in or to follow our soul’s direction.

Instead, we will literally sell our soul, and relinquish our power and give it up to others! Pretty intense I know. And believe by me writing these words by no means do I think I have mastered these I HAVE NOT!!! But wow this stuff is literally life-changing. What I can say from my experience of life so far, from all the shit and hardship I’ve endured and managed to overcome I can honestly say that what is written above is true.

If I hadn’t faced my abuser in court.

If I hadn’t learned to set boundaries with my family.

If I hadn’t learned to follow my heart and not give a SHIT what others thought (I struggled with this for years).

If I hadn’t learned to speak my truth and faced the consequences of doing this multiple times and therefore had multiple relationships end, lost friends, lost clients, lost the respect of employers and family plus navigated many other tricky situations with various colorful outcomes LOL

If I hadn’t fully trusted my soul's guidance (this is a big area for me right now). I wouldn’t be able to say that the above is true.

But because I have done all these things, suffered, and endured and come through the other side, I am free! I am me, I am secure in myself, know my purpose, know what I believe. And nobody, nothing, no bribes, no restrictions, no threats will stop me from being who I am, for standing my ground, in my power and just being me.

No one can take me away from me! How about you?



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