Dark Night Of The Soul

Have you heard of this expression?

To heal deep wounds held within us, often we have to breakdown in order to heal them. If we are able to have the courage do this then the reward is freedom and healing from the limitations those wounds once had on us!

Dark night of the soul is an emotional healing crisis. Just like when you do a liver detox and you feel headachy and sick, an emotional healing crisis is exactly the same. It's a period of time when your life literally feels like it's falling apart due to emotional reasons.

Many people who have been on a powerful healing journey have experienced a time in their life when everything disintegrates. For some a midlife crisis may be a dark night of the soul experience, for others it may happen much earlier.

For me my first one happened at age 28 when a significant relationship ended. I literally felt broken into little pieces, going to work and eating was almost impossible. However, it was the catalyst for starting my deep healing journey which transformed my life into what it is today!

During this emotional healing crises I was forced to feel much of the sorrow and pain caused by my childhood wounding.

Sounds terrible doesn't it!?

The truth is that when you are in the midst of something like this it is terrible, as it's like all of who you know yourself to be is melting away. This can be very scary, as if we don't have our identity who are we? For example, one day during my experience I woke up and didn't really know who I was anymore, I didn't even know what colours I liked, what foods I enjoyed or what gave me pleasure in life as everything had been stripped away.