The 10 Top Tips for a Healthy Heart and Cardiovascular System

1. Focus on eating good fats and oils

  • Make sure you are getting quality fats in your diet - refer to list.

  • Cut out and reduce all or as many refined/poor fats - refer to list.

  • Eat small, non predatory fresh fish weekley to get a good dose of pure Omega 3

  • Avoid fried foods as much as possible when out and only fry in healthy fats at home.

2. Regulate blood sugars and improve insulin sensitivity by eating good carbohydrates

  • Avoid all processed cane sugars as much as possible

  • Avoid anything with fructose in it - fructose from fresh fruit is ok, 2 pisces daily

  • Avoid refined grains (flour based products) biscuits, cakes, bread etc.

  • Go for stone ground flours and sourdough based products if eating them where possible.

3. Always have some raw food with each meal - this provides antioxidant and higher nutrients. However, if you've been told you are spleen deficient by a TCM practitioner you need to lower raw food.

4. Exercise regularly approximately 1 hour 3 x per week - not too hard or not and too much.

  • This depends on the exercise you are doing and your fitness so you many need to take it quietly if you have adrenal fatigue or do ½ an hour 3 x per week if doing high intensity.

  • 1 hour of exercise daily is shown to reduce insulin resistance