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What to Expect at Your Naturopathic Consult

During your naturopathic consultation I will assess your current health and explore your health history. This will include: 

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle & environmental influences

  • Stress factors

  • Previous injuries

  • Emotional health

A physical examination may also be carried out including checking your:

  • Hair/Skin/Nails 

  • Tongue/Eyes

  • Blood pressure

  • pH

  • Oilgoscan (minerals testing)

  • Laboratory and other diagnostic tests may be recommended

During your initial consultation I will use a form of kinesiological testing or muscle testing called Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA). It allows me to test the bioenergetic status of your key organs and glands and to get a clear understanding of what your body needs nutritionally. 


At the end of the naturopath consultation you will receive:

  • A personalised wellness plan outlining your step to recovery this includes: dietary advice, lifestyle recommendations and recipes

  • A bottle of herbs and/or flower essences

  • Supplemental nutrients are also often prescribed

Food Sensitivity Testing and Intolerances


A follow up consultation is generally recommended 2-4 weeks after the initial consult. During this time you will start to see positive changes in your health so the purpose of this consult is to check in and see how you are doing. I reassess your symptoms and progress and provide new dietary advice and herbal medicine to keep the healing process going.

Food Testing

Using kinesiological testing 

I can also help you 

uncover which foods make your body stronger or weaker. By taking out foods that weaken your body you're supporting the healing process. Over time as your body heals you will usually be able to reintroduce foods that previously made you weak. This is a great tool for assessing progress and working out what's contributing to the problems.

Book Your Free Wellness Assessment

This is where you meet with me online, or in person at my naturopath clinic in Maroochydore for 30 minutes. During this assessment, I will connect with you and your health concerns and I will outline a holistic approach to improving your health together. 
If you think you may be interested in working with me, this is the place to start. Please click on the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Naturopathic Wellness Assessment to experience my guidance for yourself. Online Consults Available.

Clay Therapy

Clay therapy has been used for centuries all over the world. I use clay specifically on old injury sites in order to support both lymph and blood flow to the area. This allows old injuries to be restored energetically, assists detoxification, and supports unresolved health problem that are inter-related.

Emotional Healing

During your consultation, I may become aware of some emotional blocks you are carrying. I can help you move into a positive state of mind so that your body and 

subconscious mind are all working towards optimal health! Emotional healing is a silent but very powerful aspect of health.

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