How To Eat Right For Your Body Type

Updated: Mar 29

Are you confused about what to eat? It's no surprise! As today there's so much information about what to eat and what not eat + all the contradictory scientific evidence saying yes to and no to the same foods! eg coffee for example to drink or not...?

Then you add in social media with food gurus, exercise junkies and Instagram pop stars all advocating things that worked for them. This is the problem “it worked for them” and just because it worked for them it doesn't mean it will work for you.

Why is this you ask? This is because we are all unique individuals, just as we have different skin colours and different cultures, we also have different metabolic types.

90% of my clients who walk in my door are confused about what to eat and to be honest I used to be too! Even after 3 years of studying and many years of practice I still wasn't fully clear on what to eat until I discovered metabolic typing - Eating right for your body type.

So How Do You Know What to Eat For Your Body Type?

In essence, it comes down to 2 things.

1. Listen to what your body says after eating a meal. 2. Get the balance right between proteins, carbs, vegetables/meat, and fats. Once you have this down you'll be off and no Insta star or no eating situation will be able to deter you from eating the right foods for your body.

Metabolic typing is a very simple way of eating right for your body type. It takes all the guesswork out of eating by simply putting the focus on how you feel after you eat a meal.

One of the best things about knowing your metabolic type and eating to suit it is, you never feel hungry, you’re never on a diet and you always feel satisfied. This is because you are eating the right foods for your body type. Wouldn't it be great to forget every dieting tip you have heard, learned and tried and start eating the right way for you!!?

Your metabolic type determines the types of foods your body thrives on and what foods you don't feel good on.

The First Step: Get educated around the basics of food, and nutrition to eat a whole foods diet.