How To Create Happiness and Lift Your Mood Naturally

Updated: Mar 29

Did you know that you make your own happiness?

Most of us have read quotes about finding our inner happiness and choosing to be happy, right? Well, from a scientific/biochemical perspective, it’s true too! Let me explain ...

Inside our brain is a neurotransmitter or chemical messenger called dopamine. Dopamine has a direct effect on our mood in terms of how much pleasure and happiness we feel.

It’s also a known fact that when we feel happy, we are more productive, our creativity increases, and it enhances our ability to think and plan.

Think about a time when you accomplished something or you were recognised for doing a good job. It felt good, right? And did it make you more inspired and motivated? Yup, that is dopamine working ;).

BUT in life we don’t always get praised or appreciated, do we? Sometimes, we are challenged and when this happens dopamine levels tend to drop resulting in a drop in mood,