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3 Tips for Natural Skin Care

Updated: Aug 12, 2019


You want to feed your skin, not clog it.

Read the labels. If you can’t find many words that you understand then, as a general rule, it's best avoided as it's likely to be high in synthetic substances.

Avoid mineral oils, you will see them written as petroleum jelly and wax or paraffin wax. These are made from petroleum not exactly eco-friendly, nor food for your skin! Try to buy products free of - parfum (synthetic perfumes) and synthetic colours (they will be labeled color or CL followed by 5 numbers e.g. 75000).


When it comes to skin products, it's better to put on less, wash it less, and pay less attention to it = less fussing, less picking, less worrying. The reason for this is, if you keep irritating your skin, it will not heal.

Secondly, your skin needs to be able to breathe.

Thirdly, the skin has is own eco-system, just as your digestive system does. If you keep cleansing, scrubbing, oiling and toning your skin there is much less chance your skin will be able to find its own natural balance.

Stress is a big problem for skin too. It depletes your adrenals, which can disrupt hormones, contributing to skin conditions. Learning to meditate and doing yoga or other relaxation techniques are great if stress is an issue for you.


Think of your skin as an indicator of your internal health. Radiant, beautiful, clear, wrinkle free skin truly comes from within, it does not come from a bottle. It’s true that sunscreen protects the skin from premature ageing and moisturising also hydrates the skin, but 90% of skin health comes from within.

Here are the most important things to do that promote good skin:

  • Regular liver and kidney cleansing

  • Adequate hydration (8 cups of water per day)

  • A healthy diet that’s low in sugar, high in good fats, protein, and plenty of fresh veggies and fruit

  • Keep alcohol low, and say no to drugs and smoking

  • Reduce stress

Skin health naturopathy follows the same basic principles of all naturopath services.


A clogged lymphatic system is often involved in skin conditions. Its job is to carry nutrients and help filter the blood plasma of toxins and pathogenic organisms. Unlike the blood, the lymph doesn’t have a pump (the heart) to pump it around the body. So the only way to move lymphatic fluid is to move your muscles (exercise).

When you exercise you also increase blood flow throughout the body. This increases the body’s ability to deliver nutrients to the cells and also to remove toxins and waste from the blood stream, contributing to healthy skin.


The beauty industry is a big money maker and trust me, you do not need to buy seven skin care products! What I recommend if you want to buy skincare product is the following:

A natural facial scrub to be used once per week, no more.

A natural cleanser to be used to take off make up when you wear it or after a particularly grubby day’s work. When you don’t use make up, just rinse your face with warm water.

A natural moisturizer to be used after washing.

A natural sunscreen to be used when you are going to be out in the sun. I don’t recommend putting sunscreen on every morning, as many of them have potentially toxic ingredients, which, when used long-term, can build up in your system. Just use it when you need it. Also, our skin needs a little sunlight to keep it healthy – UV is a great anti-fungal and anti-microbial, so it can actually help clear problem skin when not abused.


For day-to-day maintenance, no more is needed. Keep it simple, watch your skin improve and save money! However, if you have a stubborn skin condition and want some additional help, get in touch.

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