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This agreement sets out the conditions and understandings for a coaching relationship between Hannahs Wellness Space and the Client.

  1. Client takes responsibility for their results: The Client understands that the results of any coaching will depend on the client's ability to take action and to follow the agreed plan to the best of the clients abilities, to communicate clearly with the naturopath and to take responsibility for the results achieved, and that the Naturopath can only facilitate. The responsibility for making the recommendations work is the Clients alone.

  2. The clients understands there will be homework that needs to be completed for the program to be effective: The Client agrees that naturopath will assign tasks to be done each week and the Client will give her best effort to fulfil these tasks. The Client further agrees that if tasks are not done, the outcome of the coaching cannot be predicted.

  3. The client agrees to be honest about her problems and naturopath agrees to full confidentiality: The Client agrees to share with the Naturopath all issues on which the Client needs assistance. The client agrees that issues not shared with the Naturopath may not be resolved or may impede the successful achievement of the Clients goals and objectives. The Naturopath agrees to use best efforts to assist the Client to resolve issues shared with the Naturopath and also agrees to full confidentiality.

  4. The Client understands that the Naturopath is not a providing psychological or medical advice: The client understands that the recommendations and coaching should in no way replace sound treatment from a licensed healthcare provider. The Naturopath is not a licensed Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and that the consults are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  5. The Client understands a record will be kept: Notes of the services provided will be kept and that it will be kept confidential and will not be released to others unless so directed by the Client or unless the law requires it.

  6. The client will inform the naturopath if she is seeing other practitioners.

  7. Appointment reminders: Hannahs Wellness Space will send an email reminder 2 days before your scheduled zoom calls appointment and a reminder text message the day prior to your 1:1 appointments.

  8. Zoom: All conversations will be conducted via Zoom (or in person for the 1:1 consults if they live locally and want to come in).

  9. Arrive on time: The Naturopath and Client both agree to arrive to each scheduled zoom call on time. If the Client is late, the zoom/consult will be limited to the remaining time of their scheduled time. If the client misses their 1:1 consults they will forfeit the scheduled consult fee.

  10. Rescheduling: If the Client needs to reschedule a 1:1 consult, then the Client is required to notify this change via Facebook messenger, text message on +6147 4728 723 or email at no later than 24-hours prior to the scheduled start time of the scheduled consult. Any request to reschedule a consult less than 24-hours may be subject to a $50.00 fee.

  11. Naturopath can remove client from the program: At any time, the Naturopath can terminate the coaching relationship and will refund any prepaid and unused call/consults less any late cancellation fees, admin fees or missed session fees.

  12. No refunds given for change of mind: This a law set by the Australian government. Please refer to for more information. The client can terminate the coaching relationship at any time. There will be no refunds given on prepaid packages as these are heavily discounted. It is requested as a courtesy that the terminating party provide a brief reason for the cessation of coaching services.

  13. Non refundable $200 Deposit required: For the Client to secure a place in the program Hannah Wellness Space requires a minimum $200 payment of program fee prior to starting the program. This is deducted from the total program amount and holds the space for the client in the program. This is non-refundable for any reason and covers time and admin costs.

  14. Herbs and supplements are additional: The program price covers the consultation fees, recordings, worksheets/template/guidelines and weekly calls.

  15. Non refundable payment plans are available: The payments made are non-refundable for any reason and you will be required to sign up for automatic payments to be debited from your nominated bank account on an agreed basis through a secure online debiting company. The small service charges will be forwarded to the client. 

  16. Creditcards: Visa and Master cards are accepted – no others: Hannahs Wellness Space accepts both credit card and cash payments through a secure tyro terminal in clinic or pay advantage for online clients. Pay advantage safely stores your credit card details for future use. The Client can ask for their credit card details to be deleted at any point. 

  17. All charges are in AUD.

  18. Price changes may occur

  19. No private health cover: Due to changes in Australian Government Legislation private health cover is no longer available as of 31/04/19 however it is currently being reassess so it’s possible it may be available again in the future.

  20. Additional cost: Pathology (lab test) reading and interpretation outside of consult is $25.00

  21. Results can't be guaranteed: The client understands that results cannot be guaranteed, and I does not expect the practitioner to be able to anticipate and explain all risks and complications. The client will rely on the practitioner to exercise judgment during the course of the procedures which they feel at that time is in the best interests of the client based on the facts that are known. 

  22. The client is aware that there are some slight health risks in taking nutritional supplements. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Potential allergic reactions to supplements or herbs

  • Some aggravation of pre-existing symptoms

  • The development of detoxification symptoms (headache, tiredness etc)

Terms and Conditions

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