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For too long I had been burdened with ongoing tiredness and consequential sickness. Hannah was referred to me. I underwent a cleanse after which I felt more vibrant and healthy than I had in a long time, this lasted for well over a year until I caught my first cold and thought I could do with some fine tuning again.  I continue to see Hannah because she provides me with valuable insight into how my body works and supports me in what I need to do to look after it for long term health. Anna (Mar-14)




Hannah has helped me so much with my health issues! An ongoing uncomfortable stomach, tiredness etc. After a number of appointments and different treatments I am back to my healthy self and feeling so much better. I can't believe the amazing treatments that Hannah can provide. I have also learnt a lot along the way. Yolande (May-14)


I went to Hannah for 6 months and she has changed my life! My blood tests improved and I am now in the normal range. My skin and energy levels have increased so much that I feel like I am bouncing! My health is so much better, I sleep well and am loving life!”

I was given Hannah’s name after a routine blood test showed my kidney function was below where it should be. I messaged Hannah and I got an immediate appointment.  I didn’t think I could do this but with the help of Hannah’s amazing support and guidance I did. She gave me herbs, minerals and dietary advise. My husband and sister also went to Hannah as they saw the difference it had made in my life. Thanks so much Hannah you have been amazing. Donna Baker XX (June-15)

My finger was crushed in a door, the bone was fractured in numerous places, so badly that in x-rays the bone looked like bits of gravel.  The healing process frustratingly slow, so much so that a full year after the accident the finger was still splinted and held together with wire. Finally, I started working with Hannah and within 6-8 weeks the bone made such a rapid recovery that wires and splint were able to be removed.  My surgeon was astonished at the sudden change in the bone. Tim (Oct-14)



Hannah has helped me several times to get me back to a place of health. She is thourough and very professional. She is keen to help and finding the best solution for her clients.
For example last year I was depleted and run down for months, within a week I was healthy and it's stayed that way.
I have recommended people see Hannah to various people in my life already who are experiencing health probelms. Jennifer (Aug-15)

Working with Hannah is an absolute delight! When we first met I felt so ridiculously exhausted and life just seemed way to hard! Hannah suggested simple and achievable changes to my daily lifestyle, over time I felt I was taking control again! Hannah is so easy to talk with and very realistic in her approach, she understood my needs and we worked together to achieve my goals. Since the first session my energy levels have increased, my general health improved and I am now ready to take on my next challenge!

Renee (June-16)



After my OE I moved to the west coast and started farming with my partner. It became a daily ritual to have a nap after lunch. Sometimes I'd even have to park the ute on the farm and have a sleep. I'd be waking up feeling more exhausted than when I went to Bed and wasn't sure if it was the new job or something else. I'd also been having issues with a sore stomach after meals. However Not thinking the two could be related. After Having no luck with the doctor I got in touch with Hannah. She managed to pin point my issues over the next few months, finding that I had a nasty parasite camped out in my liver, Possibly picked up overseas. Thanks to Hannah's natural treatment I'm now back to full health 😊 all the while gaining a greater understanding of nutrition. Lucy (September-15)


When I came off both the pill and Isotretinoin my skin gradually worsened developing severe acne on my neck and face. I tried to fix my skin myself through countless natural remedies with no luck. I decided to go to a naturopath which also produced no results. Finally I went to Hannah who really got to the root of the problem. My skin cleared and now I feel better than ever before. Not only did Hannah clear my skin but with the work I have done with her I am now physically, mentally and emotionally at my best.

Victoria (July-14)


I feel energized, healthy, confident since working with Hannah.
Energized: because I have more energy to devote to other elements of my life, home, work
Healthy: as I eat better food and use the herbs – I make more conscious decisions about food choices
Confident: feeling better about myself has made me more confident
.  Sharon (May-16)


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