Stress Reduction

We all know stress is not healthy, but exactly how and why is it bad? Below, I answer these questions and give you some tips and techniques to reduce stress in your life when it's all getting a bit much.


Stress encourages poor health due to the following reasons:

  • The body burns through nutrients and appetite is suppressed when we are stressed. This can result in nutritional depletion, low energy, poor immune function and aggravation of existing conditions.

  • The body is not able to heal properly when stressed, this is partly due to the immune suppressing effect that cortisol (one of our main stress hormones) has on the body.

  • It's hard to  rest and get a rejuvenating nights sleep, again due to the raised cortisol levels and the nervous system being over stimulated (visit the sleep page for more advice on sleep). Sleep is essential for good health and healing.

  • Oxidative stress is increased – This causes free radical damage, which contributes to all conditions, including speeding up the process of aging. Good examples of the damage caused by free radicals are cardiovascular conditions and raised cholesterol.

How to reduce stress

The number 1 thing you need do is make a commitment to yourself to reduce stress. Then take actions to reduce stress. It can be very simple here are some examples:

  • For the cook of the house: make Friday night dinner a 'do-it-yourself night', or if you have kids, get them to cook one night a week.

  • For singles: cook enough for 2 nights so you don’t have to always come home and make dinner.

  • For workaholics: make a new rule that you leave on time and improve your productivity during working hours.

  • Students: start your assignments early, doing a little bit often - this helps a lot.


Lifestyle to counteract stress
  • Meditate - there are plenty of guided meditation apps available or join a class

  • Eat a wholefoods based diet - cut out the packet foods

  • Take herbs and nutrients to support the adrenal glands

  • Go for walks in nature

  • Get to be early

  • Exercise regularly

  • Dance, listen to music and sing! Basically, do whatever you love, and do it regularly. If you take time out for you, you will be much happier, your life and work will be easier, and most importantly, you will have more fun and will be reducing stress at the same time!

Herbal and nutritional medicine can assist stress reduction

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