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If you are wanting a reliable and effective way to prevent pregnancy then you have come to the perfect place. I have hand crafted a 6 month training program just for you.


An Intimate and Individualised Health Coaching Journey for Woman who want to be Confidently Hormone Free.  

+ One on One Coaching and Guidance

+ Health Consciousness
+ Diet and Lifestyle Advice
+ Emotional Support and Coaching


This is a 6 Month Experience for Women Looking To use Natural Contraception Confidently

Welcome To:



Using Natural Contraception Confidently

What This Program Teaches You:

+ Understand your natural body signs. 

+ Know when you are fertile and when your not. 

+ Know how to prevent pregnancy naturally.

Helps you to avoid needing to use synthetic drugs. 

Helps you avoid the negative effects of using hormones.

For Natural Contraception methods to be effective, you need to learn how to use them properly before you can rely on them. This is why I offer this Natural Contraception Training Program that teaches you how to track, monitor and interpret your signs and symptoms.

Are you on the pill or using other hormonal contraception? 

Do you suffer from mood swings, PMS, depression, anxiety, or painful periods? 
If so, you may want to consider taking a natural approach to contraception.

As a teenager, I started taking the oral contraceptive pill but after a few years I noticed it was affecting my moods so I changed to the mini pill, which I sadly got pregnant on. 
It was at this time that I started questioning things and thought this can’t really be the only way! Surely there is another way to prevent pregnancy that’s not going to muck up my hormones and be reliable? 
This is when I discovered natural contraception and I have been effectively using this method ever since. I’m now 35 with no other unwanted pregnancies.

I know how important it is to feel like you can trust your contraceptive methods and I know from personal and professional experience how being on the pill can really muck with your moods, health and over all wellbeing. This is why I created this program so I can help woman like you to confidently become hormone free, healthy and with naturally balanced hormones.

Book a Free 20 Min Health Spark Call Now

This program runs over 6 menstrual cycles and consists of 6 personalised consults

1 x 1.5 hour initial consult with me

5 x 1 hour one on one consults with me

COST: ONLY $600.00 for 6 months of One on One Natural

Fertility Training

Added Bonuses


Dietary Advise

Training Materials on Everything

Hormonal Detox Support and Advise

Coaching for Improving Your Liver Health 
My Loving Care and Support for 6 Months

Emotional Coaching

A common Question I get is why does it take 6 months?  
To train you effectively and accurately we need a 6 month period to let your body adjust to coming off the pill and to also to teach you about all the fluctuations that occur in a normal cycle. It's not hard but you do need a little practice to learn how to interpret your chart. 

Six months also gives us plenty of time to improve your diet and lifestyle which helps in establishing a regular cycle, so you can confidently use this system on your own.




This is the system I have been successfully using since I was 21. Because of this I can honestly assure that you definitely need PROPER training in this system as over the years I have seen woman mistakenly get pregnant because they haven't spent the time to learn and apply the techniques effectively. I purely say this to reinforce the fact that like any contraception if it's not done accurately, it won't work so you need to learn the techniques properly. 

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